The $50 Google Home Mini

The all new google home mini. It is about the same size as a doughnut. Which by the way, Google are opening a pop up doughnut shop.  Check it out here

Google Home Mini

The Mini comes in three colors; dark gray, coral red, and light gray. You can control the volume by tapping on either side of the mini. Tap the middle and you can stop your music or cancel a command. Although the LED lights are a bit dim, they are used for you to know that the mini is listening or processing information.

Google Home Mini Speculation:

Always-on Assistant


Wi-Fi  • Bluetooth support


360 sound with 40 mm driver

Connect your built-in Chromecast speaker and play your music for better audio quality.

What do you think about the Mini? Would you buy one? Let me know in the comments down below.

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